"Gabi Doti runs a meaningful pop that denotes her own musical identity in “Outra Razão”. She presents an international pattern with a stellar band and her natural Latin Brazilian accent. Gabi is surprising and a certainty through this uncertain era."

Antônio Carlos Miguel


(Brazilian music journalist, ACM acts on press from the end of the seventies, and has been working for the main Brazilian magazines and newspapers. It is Latin Academy Recording Member / Latin Grammy) and advisor of the Brazilian Music Prize, Prêmio da Música Brasileira; It has been acted as writer of several books about MPB and as curator of series and artistic events)


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Another reason (Outra Razão): this is exactly what I was looking for... January, 1st of 2019. I took my GS mini (yep, my guitar!), I opened my Mac and breathed deeply. In front of me, for one side, I was checking a folder with more than 500 musical ideas I've been saved by 2 years. And, by the other one, I had a huge challenge to look toward. No doubt that should be the biggest one I've decided to face as an independent artist up to that moment and also, I dare to say, from the beginning of my whole professional career outside music: make a record in one of the best studios in the world, outside my home country, playing with legends and working with a producer that always look for musical excellence in everything he does. But there was more, there's something that has been bothering me for the last couple of years: a huge anxiety to figure it out my own musical truth. I've always believed more we are self-connected, with fearless to face oneself, more authentic is what comes to the surface. So, it is exactly in this place that our own music expresses itself. I needed to resignify, to reshape myself, to stretch my boundaries. I needed to experience another reason. I breathed deeply again, in between the sea breeze, my life passing through my eyes. I shook my head, smiled, cried and said to myself, let's go to work on 360 mode, there's no other way! So, 31 songs came to the world during the upcoming 5 months, 15 arrangements and so 10 songs were selected. June, 3rd of 2019! What a day! I woke up at Eastwest Recording, more precisely in the fabulous studio 2. It was 10 am in Sunset Ave. In Los Angeles was cloudy, but inside studio vibe was really sunny. Tim was adjusting the guitar pedals and Sean tuning his bass, both seated in the central room. Jamie was choosing the drumsticks. Daniel eyes were focused on the music sheet. And Matt, in the main room, was setting the beginning of the session. In my phones I listened Moogie's emphatic voice saying: Recording! I asked myself: is it truth or lie? The band started to play. I breathed deeply over again and shook my head. Excited, I started to sing. And so, it was! Even I've not realized at all what was really happening in my mind, no doubt, on the first note, I was truly living another reason


And what about you? What about dare?  What about allow yourself watch, listen, have, feel or maybe experience another reason?

So, no time to waste! Come on, join in! You're amazingly welcome!

Cheers and good vibes!

gabi doti 

"Gabi unites sarcasm on lyrics, emotive atitude and sunny themes to diversified sounds..."

(Thiago Prata, Hoje em Dia, 15/06/20)

"The singer delivers an amazing album for general taste audience." 

(Anderson Nascimento, Galeria Musical, 07/14/20)

"The result certainly will be pleasant for whom likes sophisticated pop music and good songs to listen to. Outra Razão is that kind of disc to be listened over and over, once was so delicate conceived with a huge inspirational mood that does not deserve be forgotten. It does not fit with the pop mainstream are being done right now... it is radiophonic in the best sense of the word, that means, it is a kind of accessible sound that does not play at all with our intelligence." 

(Fabian Chacur, Mondo Pop, 06/10/20)

"Gabi Doti makes an album that sounds global and provocative." 

(Beto Feitosa, Ziriguidum, 05/19/20)


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